Our mental health providers understand the importance of building therapeutic trust and strive to do so from the very first meeting with you. To best assist all of our clients, we utilize a blend of counseling approaches to fit the individual needs of each client that we serve. Counseling theoretical approaches employed include Narrative Therapy modalities as well as Solution-Focused Therapy modalities. We also utilize Mindfulness Based techniques during the course of the therapeutic relationship.

Treatment Modalities:

Individual Counseling Services

Individual Counseling Services provides you with the opportunity to discuss your thoughts and feelings on a one-on-one basis with one of our mental health service providers. Individual Counseling is beneficial because it enables you to express how you feel to a trained mental health provider who understands the importance of providing an open and non-judgmental stance towards you while maintaining your confidence.

Individual Counseling Services holds many benefits including:
  • Receiving emphatic support as your process your emotions
  • Gaining new perspectives and life skills
  • Feeling a sense of mastery over long-standing struggles
  • Clarifying your needs in order to better care for yourself

Couples & Family Counseling Services

Because we honor the individual in relationship, we offer Couples & Family Counseling Services to those wishing to strengthen their existing relationships or address conflictual patterns in their relationships. Whether we recognize it or not, we are all in relationship with others. And while many of those relationships may be positive, we may also experience distress in a relationship as a result of changes in our needs or in our environment. Couples & Family Services permits you the opportunity to address these relationship concerns by empowering couples and/or family members to discuss their relationship dynamics while providing insight to you on what appears to work and what appears not to work. It is through this insight that you are empowered to shift those "not working" dynamics into dynamics that work for your relationship.

Group Counseling Services

Kathleen Joseph & Associates offers Group Counseling Services periodically. Please contact us for upcoming Group Counseling Services.

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