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Running from Your Feelings Has Gotten You Nowhere

Stop Running, Start Healing with this Breakthrough Technique

Somatic Therapy in Gainesville and Online throughout Florida

You survived, but now you’re dying inside.

It’s a Tuesday morning; you’re preparing for work when you suddenly feel like you can’t breathe.

You feel a weight on your chest, and the world is closing in on you.

Panic starts to set in as you begin pacing the room. You know what’s coming.

You recite the affirmation you learned from a friend, but you feel your breath and heart rate rising.

Your thoughts race, and your heart pounds uncontrollably.

The room swims nauseatingly, and you grab onto some furniture to keep from losing your balance.

Why does this keep happening to you?

Your family is starting to worry about you.

As the panic attack passes, you start sobbing. You’re so frustrated, and you feel ultimately defeated.

Traumatic events don’t heal on their own.

Somatic Therapy is an embodiment practice that incorporates grounding, movement, and breathing to facilitate the healing of held traumas in the body.

This makes Somatic Therapy a more comprehensive approach to healing trauma than talk therapy alone.

In a safe and relaxing atmosphere, you’ll perform simple exercises that nourish your nervous system.

You dictate the pace as we gradually release and heal the wounds from your past.

It’s time to deal with the trauma that you experienced and heal.

Using Somatic Therapy techniques, you’ll be compassionately guided into your body to release the impact of the traumatic event at its source.

This practice develops awareness in your body while simultaneously developing emotional resources in therapy.

In our sessions, you’ll learn to honor the sensations in your body.

We’ll gently soothe the parts of your brain that are connected to the emotions held in your body.

Stop running and start living.

By tracking the sensations in your body, you’ll cultivate resilience with you wherever you go.

As we honor your experience, you’ll feel your confidence soar along with grounding calm.

Untreated traumatic events can wreak havoc on your life and relationships.

Don’t struggle through this alone. From here, you can heal.

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