We at Kathleen Joseph & Associates are aware that the roles and responsibilities of our student-athletes are varied and can transcend their involvement in the classroom and in competition. Student-athletes also wear the hats of daughter, friend, partner, community member, among others, and are making plans for their future selves, including the decision to pursue athletics beyond college or the decision to enter the working world. While these roles and decisions are exciting, they can also bring about anxiety, particularly when those next steps are not so clearly defined (and they rarely are!). This is where we can help!

Maybe you are a student-athlete and have been feeling stressed about some of the life changes you are going through. Or maybe you are a parent who provides exceptional support to your child and can see that more is needed. If this fits for you, please reach out and let us know. We are committed to providing excellent mental health services to you and to your child through out their time as a student-athlete.

Resources for University of Florida Student-Athletes:
The Counseling & Wellness Center
The Dean of Students Office
Resources for All Student-Athletes:

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