About TeleMental Health Services

Kathleen Joseph & Associates now offers TeleMental Health services for clients residing in the State of Florida and Abroad! TeleMental Health provides clients the opportunity to meet with a counselor without having to leave their home, office, or school. These services are ideal for clients where travel to and from a therapy office is largely inconvenient or just not possible.

What is TeleMental Health?

TeleMental Health (also called TeleHealth) is simply the distribution of mental health services by a therapist or counselor over the Internet through email, live video streaming or conferencing, online chat, text message or a phone call. While TeleMental Health includes these various forms of communication, Kathleen Joseph & Associates restricts this service to live video streaming over an encrypted Internet connection.

Is TeleMental Health the right choice for me?

TeleMental Health services have been used in a variety of therapy services, ranging from routine therapeutic processing, all the way to crisis intervention and stabilization. In fact, a 2017 study published in the National Institute of Health database confirms that TeleMental Health can provide effective and adaptable solutions to the care of mental illnesses universally.

While the service potential for TeleMental Health is broad, it is also important to note that each client is different.

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