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Being the “Strong Black Woman” Is Brutal.

There we Said it. Now Let’s Get You the Support You Need.

Therapy in Gainesville and Online throughout Florida

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You work so hard just to keep it together.

But on the inside, you’re falling apart.

Each day is a fight to get the understanding and support that seems basic for others.

You are the ultimate support person in your friend group and community.

But when it’s your turn to get support from your friends, they give tired advice like “Remember your strength.”

You can’t take it anymore.

Suffering in silence for years has wholly depleted you.

You push yourself even harder to overcompensate: a new diet, a new church, but you end up burning out.

Now people at work are complaining that “you have an attitude.”

Some days, you can’t stand having others around you. The resentment you feel is choking.

You feel so much shame for these thoughts that you would rather feel nothing.

Something must change.

It’s time you made sense of your experience.

Being told repeatedly that you must be the “Strong Black Woman” is why you take care of others to your detriment. To support your healing process, I will help you see how this role is causing you to feel burned out.

We’ll examine how your needs have not been met and how this contributes to your exhaustion.

Because I am a Woman of Color who has been thrust into the Strong Black Woman role many times, I use my lived experience in our work together. I can offer a deeply compassionate and supportive therapy experience to you as a result.

I also bring in my training at the intersection of race and sex to provide an alternative to the Strong Black Woman perspective that keeps you feeling overwhelmed and trapped.

Give yourself the support to thrive!

Combining trauma therapy techniques with my lived experience as a Woman of Color, I supportively listen and give the appropriate tools so you can start healing.

As we continue our work together, you will start to feel less burdened. You will move from feeling responsible for everyone else in your world to putting yourself and your needs first.

We’ll unpack the old stories to create room for new ones, breaking the cycle of pain by releasing your past patterns once and for all.

Together, we’ll face the problems that deserve your attention and care.

Now is the time to commit to the therapy.

You deserve to feel like your best self.

Creating the change you want in your life requires your commitment and involvement.

YOU must make that choice, and I’ll be here to support you every step of the way.

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