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Group Therapy

Why Group Therapy?

With group therapy, you get the benefits of therapy services while making connections with others who share your struggles and want to create the same change in their lives as you do. That is because group therapy can be an incredible support to you as you navigate the pressures you may be experiencing.

Group is as beneficial as individual therapy and can help you navigate stressors related to career and work, problems in your social relationships, including romantic relationships, feelings of depression, and feelings of anxiety that arise from managing life stressors.

In our group sessions, I bring my training and experience as a Woman of Color to support clients as they also process the impact of racialized violence on their lived experiences.

There are a lot of benefits to group therapy…

Receiving support…

There’s nothing like sharing your feelings and being immediately understood by a room full of people ready to support you. They understand and support you because they have been through something similar. You’ll find that it’s a relief hearing from others who have faced similar issues, as it lets you know deep down that you’re not alone.

Gaining new skills…

There are times in life when we need to do things differently. As you enter new relationships and learn new ways of relating to others in group therapy, you’ll learn new skills and perspectives that you can apply to other areas of your life. Group therapy gives you social skills to better relate, communicate, and connect with the people in your world today.

Connecting with others like you…

Groups empower you to connect with others who want to have the same conversation you wish to have. Hearing how others have overcome inspire you to believe you can overcome as well. When you hear about the successes of others, you will be more motivated to push yourself harder to reach your goals, too.

Here’s what it looks like…

To help get you started, you and I will meet before you join the group. In this first meeting, called a screening meeting, you and I will meet to discuss your therapy needs. I will tell you more about the group and answer any questions that you may have. You and I will talk about how the group can serve you and how you can get the most out of it.

Because your success in group depends (in part) on you and the group being a good fit, we will decide if group therapy is the best option for you during our screening meeting. The screening meeting is a great time to ask questions that you might have about the process and what to expect.

After the screening meeting, you are ready to get started in group therapy!

Before our initial group meeting, I will send a welcome email introducing everyone in the group to each other. The email will also include meeting dates, location, and any additional information you need to get started.

Because the needs of each group are different, meeting duration will vary between groups. Generally, groups will run anywhere from 90 minutes to 2 hours and meet every other week.

The Group therapy space is sacred. Before joining and starting the group, all members must agree to keep all matters discussed in the group confidential.

Group Offerings

Each group will include 6-8 Women. Group offerings will change throughout the year.

In general, I offer the following groups on an ongoing basis:

The Sacred Circle Women’s Empowerment Group

The Sacred Circle is a process and psychoeducational group for Black women who wish to explore themselves and their world with a group of other Black women.

You can let your hair down here. That’s because this entire process centers the experiences of the Black Femme.

Here, you will find a safe and trusting environment to honestly discuss your experience as a Black Woman. You won’t have to worry about engaging in the all too familiar emotional labor associated with helping others to understand your experience. You won’t have to engage in reformatting what happened to you so that you “fit” with others in the room. Here, your “as-is” experience is welcomed and you will gain empowerment and encouragement!

In this 12 week series, we will explore themes of joy & pain, talk about racialized trauma and the experience of living at the intersection of race and sex and process the impact that toxic shame has had on our Womanhood.

This will meet twice monthly for 12 weeks (a total of 6 sessions).

Your place for connection…

By exploring your personal story in a group, you can find connections with other women who share your story and can validate your experience.

If you feel ready to get the incredible support of a group of people who look like you, please call me at (352) 642-6755.

Before joining the group, we will start with a free phone consultation to answer any questions you have and make sure you are a good fit for the group.

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