Individual Therapy for Women of Color | Kathleen Joseph, LMHC

Individual Therapy for Women of Color

Now… you’re just over it.

Feeling like you must sacrifice your needs and self-care to support the ones you love…

Denying how you really feel…

Being a superhuman who can never want or expect care and concern from others…

Living your pain in secret, too ashamed to name it to loved ones…

For too long, you’ve equated being “strong” with denying and avoiding how you really feel.

The pressure is really getting to you.

I bet you’ve felt stressed out every day this week.

Yesterday, you snapped at your boyfriend. It seems like he’s always waiting for you to save the day.

And when your sister called to vent to you about her issues, you let the phone go to voicemail. You just can’t “be there” for her right now.

You need someone to be there for YOU.

You’re experiencing the exhaustion that comes from a lifetime of giving, supporting, and being present for others.

I’ve worked with countless Women of Color who struggle with this.

They tell me about the feelings of burnout that make it impossible to be present and feel their feelings.

They describe being numb in their world… like they are just trying to “make it.”

They talk about the isolation that comes from not knowing who will understand their struggle… they tell me that they don’t know who to trust.

They tell me about the pressure that comes from feeling like you must “have it all together”

All. The. Time.

I’ve been crowned the “Strong Black Woman” in the room…

So, I get it.

I know how exhausting it feels to carry the title of “Invincible” or “Strong” while being denied support.

Being praised for “having it under control” as opposed to being offered the help that I needed in a stressful situation.

Acting like a superhero left me alone with my burdens and the burdens of others.

I had to learn that it isn’t my job to be the fierce and resilient woman to everyone at my expense.

This is not your destiny. You CAN change this.

You need the same care and support you have so generously given to others. You need space to feel your feelings and be vulnerable.

In our work together, we’ll start by supporting you… because you need and deserve it. It’s your birthright. So many women I have worked with tell me they have no real support in their world… only takers. In therapy, we’ll take the time to notice how this chronic lack of support has impacted you.

We’ll spend the first 3-5 sessions letting you share your story and vent your frustration. We’ll examine how your needs have not been met and how this has contributed to your state of exhaustion.

As we continue our work together, you will notice that you feel less burdened. You will move from feeling responsible for all and blaming yourself for what others around you are doing to being more compassionate to yourself.

You will find the courage to leave situations and people who no longer serve your highest purpose.

It’s time to start giving back… to YOU.

We were never meant to carry everyone’s struggles and forget our own. I know you’ve had enough of being there for family and friends to your detriment.

Now, you’re doing something about it.

I don’t want you to spend another second wondering if you are worthy of support. You are!

You are NOT an unfeeling superhero. You deserve to be listened to, supported, and respected!

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